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Business Development Director

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Standing out in the world of advertising is no simple task. You need to be able to translate passion to convey significance. At Questus we look for people who take chances to invent imaginative ways to build brands. That sometimes means get-ting knocked down, standing back up and marching forward. This business re-quires taking risks. We will have your back the entire way.

At Questus we know that the best environment brings out the best in our people.  We defend collaboration, curiosity, risk-taking and honesty. This approach and culture have helped Questus create groundbreaking work for world-class clients such as General Mills, Capital One, Wyndham, Suzuki, Universal, Starbucks, and others.

Position Overview

The Business Development Director will be responsible for finding, acquiring, and generating new leads that lead to RFP’s, projects ,and retainers. This position will be responsible for managing all phases of the sales pipeline with a core focus on upper and mid-funnel. This role will leverage his/her own contacts and the network of Questus contacts to communicate the Questus core offering to a point where a pitch-team will close deals.

This is a “Hunter Position” requiring a self-motivated and entrepreneurial individual who can not only move qualified prospects down the funnel but also filter out unqualified prospects. This position will be responsible for attaining sales goals and communicating progress to the Leadership Team. He/she will call on executive-level decision makers (Managers, Directors, VP’s, CMO’s) in a consultative sales role and must be able to communicate the Questus value proposition in a meaningful, strategic way. This position must also partner with the Marketing Team to provide input into needed content and leverage signals that indicate that Questus has generated new qualified prospects.

Position Responsibilities

  • Identify and Connect with Qualified Prospects: Leverage current contacts and Questus contacts to build strategic relationships and then shift them down the funnel when prospect sends signals that he/she is looking for agency services.

  • Discuss Brand and Marketing Strategy with Prospects: Have strategic conversations with prospects about goals, KPI’s and the key tactics that will help prospects meet both long-term and short-term goals, ultimately cementing relationships for when RFP’s arise.

  • Communicate the Questus Value Proposition: Clearly, succinctly and meaningfully communicate the core Questus offering, culture and differentiators to build a clear positioning of Questus with prospects.

  • Close Deals with Pitch Team: When RFP’s are presented, work with the Questus pitch team (Typically the LT) to manage pitch strategy/process and present pitch deck.

  • Research and Strategy: Conduct research to identify prospects in new and existing verticals then develop a strategy to reach out with both scale and personalization.

  • Integrate with Marketing Teams: Work with marketing team and account teams to provide guidance for needed content and leverage signals when candidates move through funnel.

  • Partner with Account and Leadership Teams: Work closely with Account and Leadership Teams to leverage relationships with key contacts who could be qualified prospects or introduce us to qualified prospects.


  • 8+ years of strategic sales experience

  • Ability to develop strategy and execute upon plan to meet specified sales goal

  • Ability to have strategic marketing conversations without significant support from Questus team

  • Experience working in marketing industry

  • Working knowledge of digital marketing and key technologies

  • Capacity to not only move prospects down the funnel but also filter out unqualified leads

  • Ability to integrate with Marketing Team to provide input into content needs

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to with subject line "Business Development Director."



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