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Cut Ahead

A line drawn. A line taken.
A line crossed.

We blew minds, turned heads, and set hearts racing with a futuristic campaign to relaunch a legendary motorcycle icon: Suzuki Katana.



Creative Concepting



Design & Copywriting

Video Editing & Animation

Media Planning & Buying

Event Planning & Production

An integrated
campaign for a
motorcycle icon.

In 1981, Suzuki tapped renowned German designer Hans Muth to develop a one-of-a-kind, futuristic motorcycle: the original Suzuki GSX1100S Katana. A breathtaking icon years ahead of its time, the katana redefined the sportbike world for an entire generation of riders.

Nearly four decades later, it was time for Katana's rebirth. As Suzuki's AOR for 17 years, we knew this relaunch had to do quadruple duty. We sought to sharpen the Katana's appeal to younger audiences, capture the nostalgia felt by older audiences, make a bold splash in a cutthroat market, and reinforce Suzuki's positioning as the trendsetter of motorcycle design and technology.

Past and future meet in
one powerful promise.

Like the legendary weapon for which it's named, the new Katana sportbike fuses Japanese artistry with aggressive performance. The result is so beautiful, powerful, imaginative, and modern, it effectively cuts ahead to the future, leaving the status quo behind. We devised a campaign that pierced through to the heart of what it meant to command the 2020 Suzuki Katana in two simple words: "Cut Ahead."


Increase in awareness

Reaching audiences with a
cutting-edge strategy.

We started generating buzz months before launch with an endemic media teaser and carefully crafted social posts. Once the Katana hit the market, we boosted awareness in the upper-and mid-funnel with an anthemic brand video, targeted social campaigns, experimental mobile ad platforms, interactive print

insertions, and collaborations with partners like Iron & Air and Icon Motorsports. This all flowed into a lower-funnel experiential strategy, driving customers into dealerships. We even developed an arsenal of P.O.P. assets that gave dealerships an edge by bringing the bike to life on the showroom floor.

To date, the Cut Ahead campaign has significantly lifted awareness among all generations of motorcyclists, with an emphasis on the younger generation. With the Spring riding season in full swing, KATANA sales are growing, putting Suzuki well on track to meet their goals for the year.


Increase in conversions

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