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Living Up to the Martha Standard.

Maintaining a well organized home is a challenge for any mom. Constantly picking up after family members, cajoling them to be neat: it’s an endless task. It’s also a prime opportunity. That’s how office supply experts Avery Denison saw it. But Avery had no brand recognition with the target. Enter organizational guru Martha Stewart. Their partnership resulted in Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™, 300+ products sold exclusively at Staples to help moms put their homes and their lives in order.




Martha Stewart with AVERY


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Questus’ charge was to extend Martha’s tremendous equity while honoring her creative approach to a T. Questus constructed a cross-channel campaign that included print, broadcast, social, and promotional. But it was in the mid-funnel that we brought the line to life. We knew these practical products needed a smart show-and-tell to help them fly off the shelves. So we created video demos for Martha’s and Avery’s social channels that starred Martha herself. Strategically shot in Martha’s office, they provided a rare and coveted peek into her professional life, and showcased both her charm and her Type A skills as she conducted organizational makeovers on her own staff. The stories reached, engaged and inspired Martha’s army of loyalists and spread from there. Success came in good order. The line of totes was snatched up from Staples—a most unlikely source for women’s purses—as were chalkboard labels, magnetic wall boards, and much more. How neat is that?