RM-Z450 Campaign


The RM-Z450 is a beast of a bike. It has won countless championships and built many a legend. But the competition is nipping at its heals by building bikes just as fast. The approach to marketing the new RM-Z450 needed to take a different turn.

In the past Suzuki, and most competitors, relied on a message of "speed". Taking off from the starting line,  track times and throttle response were the norm. To win the hearts and minds of young riders we needed a new approach. 

Most winning riders have speed in the straights but most importantly in the turns. Yet marketers have always shied away from the turning aspects of their bikes. Suzuki and Questus decided to play the bike's dominance by talking about the absolute "control" you get with the bike's new technology. The result is a new campaign entitled CONTROL FREAK.






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