Taking Coffee To-Go

Entering a mobile-first world.

With 45% of Starbucks’ site visitors coming from mobile and tablet—over two million unique visitors per day—their homepage needed a lift, one that put the requirements of mobile first. It also needed to be redesigned to accommodate 35 global markets, adding another ingredient to this coffee-to-go assignment.

Telling an iconic brand's story.

Short-form storytelling was key. As was coming up with a look and feel that not only worked across platforms and around the globe but that captured Starbucks’ unique ethos, synching up with their newly-revised brand expression elements.

A tall order, made simple.

The new design needed to be responsive, modular, flexible, and scalable to meet all parameters. Simplification became the project mantra. Every graphic element was considered from the POV of mobile and global demands. The existing homepage was reduced to its purest state. Design elements were minimized.

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Serving Starbucks to an on-the-go audience.

Coffee isn’t the only thing people take to-go anymore. With handheld devices becoming ubiquitous, digital content is accessible anytime, anywhere in the world. So Starbucks needed a site that worked for coffee-lovers everywhere.


UX Strategy

Conceptual Design


Information Architecture

Web Design & Copywriting