Total Cereal

Making Breakfast Bro-Worthy.

Total Cereal had lost relevance, especially with its 40s+ male audience. This target was at a mid-life crossroads where health was becoming more important. Yet succumbing to a wheat germ-lifestyle made these boomers feel like they’d given up their guy-ness. Questus needed to convince them that Total was the easy way to get their daily nutrition. After that, they were free to go back to being guys. Thus the Good to A Guy site was born.



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The experience was all about things that make a man’s life better, like Total, the no-brainer breakfast choice. championed Manventions: life-enhancing innovations designed to appeal to true blue dudes, like the insta-physique six pack-shaping shirt and paper plates made out of ready-to-eat beef jerky. positioned 16 of these bro-breakthroughs head-to-head in a March Madness-style bracket challenge. Men were invited to vote for their favorite Manvention via Rich Media ads placed within dude-friendly content. After seven-weeks, the clear winner was the Manly Dispenser, which serves up beer, bourbon, and BBQ sauce with the touch of a button.

The target ate it up. The Manvention Challenge garnered over 5,000 votes; brand awareness and relevance skyrocketed. All thanks to a campaign that irreverently celebrated manly attitudes while giving props to a healthy cereal.