Turning a Frozen Treat into a Hot Property.

Moms love smoothies for their good-for-you snackability. Kids love them ‘cause they’re so delicious—which makes moms love them all the more. So it was only natural for Yoplait to introduce a new line of fruit-full, healthful smoothies.

Thing is, these smoothies weren’t found in the dairy case with the other Yoplait flavors and forms, but in the frozen food section instead. Which meant Yoplait needed to do more than build brand awareness—they had to redirect consumers as well.  So Questus’ extensive integrated campaign, including broadcast, print, web, display ads, OOH, events, mobile, couponing, and promotional sponsorships, ensured that consumers knew exactly where to find the icy new treat. 



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Social Media
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Social provided the greatest opportunity to build an emotional connection with prospects and influence purchase. Questus created a unique interactive video experience promoted through Yoplait Smoothie’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presence. Gold medal gymnast and health advocate Shannon Miller acted as brand spokesperson and gave customized messages to each visitor, based on data gleamed from their Facebook profile as well as info that visitors inputted. We recorded Shannon voicing more than 500 names plus relevant phrases to greet each visitor personally, and make the experience as bespoke as possible — and exceedingly shareable, as well. Results showed that Yoplait didn’t only carve out new territory in the supermarket, but successfully blended right into the target’s busy lives as well.