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Let’s get people a new home

From fixer-upper to your forever home.

An unconventional marketing strategy for an innovative home loan.


Content Strategy

User Experience

Creative Concepting

Design & Copywriting

Video Editing & Animation

Media Strategy

Media Planning & Buying

Remodeling product perceptions to sell interest.

As housing prices continue to rise, many buyers are finding themselves priced out of a new home. And buying a fixer-upper home can be complicated to finance with additional 2nd loans or HELOCS. Fannie Mae offers a new financing solution that bundles the cost of the home with the estimated cost to repair into one low-cost loan, called HomeStyle® Renovation Mortgage.

To increase its awareness, Questus developed an innovative approach to target a neglected audience: the real estate agent. Agents are the primary contact for many homebuyers. And they often dictate what these buyers see first. By educating agents first about HomeStyle® Renovation Mortgage, homebuyers options are expanded to homes they could fix up. This opened up new possibilities for them while increasing home sales for agents.

Bundling strategic objectives into one full-funnel campaign.

This full-funnel campaign helped Fannie Mae accomplish their two key goals: increase awareness with agents and increase usage among lenders. Through research and insight gathering, Questus uncovered key areas of opportunity for this target audience, the type of content that would resonate most, and, most critically, the channels in which we should distribute our content.

Brand awareness: It’s all about location, location, location.

The best way to get your message across is to meet your audience where they are. So that’s exactly what Questus did. By leveraging data targeting and sequential messaging, we addressed the rational and emotional needs of the audience at each stage of their decision-making process. Plus, we utilized customer testimonials to show, not tell, future homeowners how a HomeStyle® Renovation Mortgage can change their future housing payment plan.

Through an account-based marketing campaign, Questus empowered agents and lenders to consider Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle Mortgages over standard HELOC, credit line, or FHA 203k options. Through these successful targeting and messaging efforts, we enabled Fannie Mae to continue in their mission to be leaders in providing access to affordable, sustainable rental housing and home ownership.

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