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Protect the Adventure

Giving outdoor enthusiasts the ultimate peace of mind.

Helping Pelican give adventurers the confidence to feel truly free to explore by ensuring their belongings stay secure.



Creative Concepting


Design & Copywriting

Video Editing & Animation

Media Planning & Buying

Protecting more than just stuff.

Pelican was taking on an adventurous challenge: launching the Go and Ruck Personal Utility Cases—two entirely new products—directly to consumers. Known for building the world's most rugged, resilient cases, the brand had traditionally sold exclusively B2B. Facing a saturated market with formidable competition, they needed a platform that would create strong emotional connections while also demonstrating functional benefits.

Our target audience of active explorers shared a powerful emotional truth: adventure is about losing yourself in the moment, and that only happens when important things are safe. Instead of leading with features or benefits, we focused on the narrative that Pelican's products don't just protect your stuff; they Protect the Adventure by offering the freedom of peace of mind.

​Leveraging the entire sales funnel.

We rolled out a full-funnel chronological storytelling strategy. The first stage forged an emotional connection with consumers through lifestyle video content featuring the product in vivid outdoor environments. At the next stage, we linked that emotional appeal to features and benefits. In the third and final stage, we focused on urgency and conversion to drive sales.


Increase in engagement

​Immersive storytelling that builds brand evangelists.

The key to capturing and keeping this coveted audience's attention without causing friction: deliver bite-sized video content designed specifically for social. Our sequential storytelling grew in depth while driving prospects down the sales funnel. The more they saw, the more they engaged, converted, and finally, reciprocated as proud evangelists.


​Return on Ad Spend

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