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Built to Protect

Rise to the moment with the right gear.

A full-funnel campaign that captured the minds of the outdoor elite.


Content Strategy

Creative Concepting

Design & Copywriting

Video Editing

Production Management

Media Planning, Buying, Reporting

A 360° campaign tough enough to make the trek.

In an oversaturated market, Pelican tasked us with selling the toughest outdoor protection equipment to the toughest outdoor-adventure enthusiasts. This meant honing in on four audiences—Overlanders, Hunters, Competitive Shooters, and Photographers—creating content that connected with them both emotionally and functionally as we drove them down the funnel.

To accomplish this, Questus created a campaign that was every bit as effective as the products themselves.

Taking aim at the full-funnel.

Pelican products are not only built to protect your gear, but the entire expedition. With this as our core insight, Questus built a content ecosystem paired with a data-first strategy that spoke the consumer’s language throughout the funnel. To do this, we targeted endemic websites, Meta, and programmatic retargeting to make sure the right customer got the right message along their journey. This powerful content emotionally resonated, inspired consideration, and drove consumers to purchase the right gear for their adventure.


Return on Ad Spend

A bold campaign needs a bold strategy.

Tasked with driving exponential growth, we needed a robust strategy that would increase traffic and drive conversions, while simultaneously building awareness and interest in Pelican with new audiences. When reviewing prior campaign performance metrics, we noticed that branded search had plateaued. This insight informed our strategy, allowing us to produce a strong awareness campaign that would begin filling the pipeline with prospects, ultimately converting them into life-long customers. This data-driven approach helped us optimize a rock-solid strategy for converting our target audiences.

Our Rise to the Moment campaign rose to its moment, generating a 67% increase in site traffic year-over-year and hitting the bullseye on ROI.


Video Completion Rate

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