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Can a hug save a life?

​Sharing real Veterans' stories from the road.

Travel is known as one of the noisiest categories in social. To cut through the clutter, Super 8 needed compelling content that would emotionally connect with consumers. 85% of consumers favor brands that stand for a cause, and Super 8 celebrates and welcomes members of the military as their companion on the road, offering a year-round discount and reserved Veteran parking.

Rather than paying an influencer, Super 8 partnered with the Human Hug Project, created by two Veterans who provide PTSD support by bringing the healing power of hugs to VA Medical Centers. We captured the Human Hug Project's journey on the road, with stops at Super 8 along the way.

​Social media impressions


​Right message, right audience, right time.

We told our story where the audience wanted to be reached, launching video and micro-content on social around Veterans Day. We created an emotional connection to Super 8's military support, and drove brand awareness and affinity.


Return on Ad Spend
​Full-funnel content that fueled connections.

By creating share-worthy content that recognized all that service men and women do for our country, we were able to connect with military communities, and have them participate and engage with the Super 8 brand. Our social program moved metrics and drove conversions through the entire funnel.


Design & Copywriting

Video Editing & Animation

Media Planning & Buying



Creative Concepting


​Change a life, change the conversation.

The transformative power of a hug is changing lives and shifting brand perceptions for one of the world’s largest hotel chains.

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