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​The Launch of a Legend

​A versatile campaign to cover all terrain.

Leveraging integrated storytelling to sell a legendary ATV to five distinct audiences.



Creative Concepting


Design & Copywriting

Video Editing & Animation

Media Planning & Buying

​Leveraging the right tools to reach our rugged audience.

The Suzuki KingQuad was created for the toughest situations for ranchers, farmers, hunters, fishermen, and sport-trail riding enthusiasts. Because these individual audiences are so unique, a one-size-fits-all approach to advertising just wouldn’t work. Authenticity was the only way to go, so we developed five different, activity-based storylines.

The story extended across all digital and traditional touch-points, leveraging social media, endemic digital media, immersive video, user-generated content, and print media. All content drove traffic to a microsite which enabled us to build audience-level data pools for sequential, personalized storytelling.

​Extending a unified message beyond digital.

In addition to all consumer-bound advertising, Questus developed all in-dealership materials across the country. The result: a hard-hitting campaign tailored to unique audiences that dynamically showcased how truly rugged and versatile the new Suzuki KingQuad ATV really is.


​Increase in website traffic

A full-funnel approach for a legendary vehicle.

For the company who invented the four-wheel ATV in 1983, it was imperative to tell an emotionally-driven story that extended across the entire consumer journey. The full-funnel storytelling resonated well with the target audience, resulting in 40% of site actions as shopping conversions.


Impressions Served

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