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Great brands stand for more than just cool products and clever advertisements. They inspire audiences. They enrich communities. They energize people. They move people's lives forward. 

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Jeff Rosenblum and the award-winning team at Questus have worked with many of the world’s most influential brands, including American Express, Apple, Capital One, Disney, ESPN, The NFL, Samsung, Starbucks, Universal, Wyndham, and Verizon. Jeff created a documentary about the advertising revolution called The Naked Brand and the groundbreaking book about passion brands called Friction. Jeff has lectured at some of the top universities, won some of the ad world’s most prestigious awards, and presented at many of the industry’s largest conferences.

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“Everything has changed. Brands need to adapt. This book will make you laugh and cry—and gives you an action plan to modernize your marketing.”


CMO of GE Digital

“Exponential provides an insightful look at how brands are built by empowering the end user to come along on the journey. It’s a fast-paced read from an avid storyteller who has never been afraid to take the road less traveled.”


EVP and CMO at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

“Exponential is a must-read for disruptive marketers that want to make an impact and break barriers. Jeff shares invaluable lessons about the importance of establishing a strong brand and why the safe business decision isn’t always the right one.”


CEO of HubSpot

“This book is an absolute home run! Rosenblum delivers one fascinating insight after another. Anyone with a growth mindset should read this book.”


CMO of Allianz Partners

“Exponential delivers the road map for how to avoid the safe path that leads to irrelevance, and instead fully embrace the risks that enable companies to build an authentic place in consumers’ lives. It is required reading for forward-leaning companies that have the courage to earn their customers’ attention and loyalty."


Global Head of Product Innovation and Design at Visa Inc.

“It’s astounding to me how many brands cling to obsolete methodologies, practices, and habits. In his irreverent, take-no-prisoners style, Jeff Rosenblum takes us on a journey designed to incinerate conventional business thinking.”


VP and Division Manager at Suzuki Motor USA

“With an authentic and raw voice, Jeff hits at the challenges and paths to success in front of advertisers and brand builders in our new reality. Everyone will take away important truths about connecting with consumers and building a sustainable brand.”


VP, Creative at Capital One

“Every customer interaction is an opportunity to grow or diminish brand equity. In Exponential, Jeff does what he does best in laying out a practical, personal, and holistic approach to modern brand building and the organizational alchemy necessary to pull it off.”


Chief Digital Officer of NBCUniversal Parks & Resorts 

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